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How it Works ?

restaurant menu synchronization on tablet
  • Online backoffice

    From your account on our website, you can easily modify your menu.

    You access it from your PC, Mac or Tablet.

  • Tablet App

    Present your menu on tablet pc in your restaurant. Your changes are instantly visible on all tablets.

  • Menu on Smartphone

    Your customers access your menu directly via a QR-Code or from your website using their phone.


How to create a QR Code for restaurant menu?

Create your QR Code to display your menu online in 3 steps:

  • 1. Create a Free account at MenuTouch with your email address
  • 2. Enter your card with or without photos
  • 3. Generate and print your QR Code from your online account

Compatible with all phones, the client flashes the QR Code on the table and access your menu with total respect for sanitary measures.

Generate a QR-Code
qr-code scan restaurant menu

Why choose Menu-Touch ?

The only solution Without Monthly Subscription

Turnkey Solution

We provide tablets configured with your menu and locked (limited access to applications).

Easy to Handle

The interface is very user friendly and doesn’t require any training. Updates are instantaneous.

Customizable Design

The graphical charter is fully customizable: logo, home page, background, colour and font.

Multilingual & Allergens

Instant and free translation of your card into 12 languages. Display allergens for each dish (list already integrated).

Order Management

Order take is optional; you can send customer orders to multiple printers (at the checkout and in the kitchen).


Suggest to your customers a glass of wine or a drink according to their dish. So you increase your sales.


Communicate about your events, services and sponsors. You can add dynamic content (Tripadvisor, weather, tourism…).

Customer satisfaction

Thanks to our satisfaction questionnaire, you can analyze your customer’s responses and send them emails to keep them up to date.

24/7 support

A helpline to assist you whenever needed. We provide onsite service if needed.

Online Menu

Your menu will be accessible via a QR-CODE.
You can also display your menu on your website or on a TV screen.

Paper Printing

You can print your menu directly from the management interface (for the menu to be displayed outside).

Offline mode

In the case of a WiFi problem, your menu is still displayed because the data is stored on each table

Price per Hour

You can configure your prices depending on day of the week and the time of day (business customers, traditional, evenings).

Price of the Software



29 90 €

  • Digital Menu QR-Code
  • Automatic translation (12 languages)
    Allergens Display
  • 24/7 support hotline



49 90 €

  • Digital Menu on 10 tablets
  • Menu via QR-Code (+9,90€)
  • Automatic translation (12 languages)
    Allergens Display
  • Order Management (+19,90€)
  • 24/7 support hotline



79 90 €

  • Digital Menu on 20 tablets *
  • Menu via QR-Code (included)
  • Automatic translation (12 languages)
    Allergens Display
  • Order Management (+9,90€)
  • Website + Facebook integration
  • Display on kiosk and touch screen
  • 24/7 support hotline

Price of the equipment

We ship our products in Europe and internationally.


  • Top of the range 10" full HD tablet
  • 2 years warranty
  • Configuration (turnkey solution)
  • Full lock (only access to MenuTouch)
  • Locate in case of loss


  • Protection cover - 3 positions
  • Available in multiple colors
Ask for a quote


  • Fast charger (60W, 10 tablets)
  • Compact (11 x 6,5 x 2,5cm)
  • Dedicated WiFi router
  • Preconfigured for tablets

Examples of customization

The graphic charter is fully customizable.

  • L'Assemblée Nationale - Paris

    • Avis:
  • Le Groupe Partouche - France

    • Avis:
  • Radisson Blu - Nantes

    • Avis:
  • IBIS - Marseille St Charles

    • Avis:
  • La Salle à Manger - Boulogne

    • Avis:
  • Casino Partouche - Pornic

    • Avis:
  • Domaine du Colombier - Malataverne

    • Avis:
  • L'Absolu - Auros

    • Avis:
  • Au Bonheur De L'Asie - Publier

    • Avis:
  • Casino Barrière Fribourg - Suisse

    • Avis:
  • Idylle Beach - Madagascar

    • Avis:
  • Le Barthélemy Hôtel - St Barthélemy

    • Avis:
  • Restaurant 1643 - Martinique

    • Avis:
  • Le piment - Saint Martin

    • Avis:
  • Zen Eat Phuket - Thaïlande

    • Avis:
  • Le Bateau Ivre - Pérou

    • Avis:

How to create a digital menu ?

The MenuTouch platform allows you to create your digital menu on a tablet with photo and translation. To have your digital menu, just :

  • 1. Create a Free account using an email address
  • 2. Enter your menu with or without photos
  • 3. Download the app and identify yourself with your email address (Free 1 tablet)

Simple and effective, it allows you to present your menu on a tablet in several languages with the possibility of taking orders directly from the tablet.

Download App for Free
free app for restaurant menu


Yes, you can buy the software standalone and use your own tablets. The app is only compatible with Android devices.

We recommend that you use 10 inch tablets with a good battery life.

The list of allergens is already integrated. With a single click, you select the allergens associated with each dish. So your customers are better informed when they read your menu.

Yes it is possible to activate the taking of orders from the tablet. In this case, customers place their chosen dishes in a basket and the waiter sends the order to multiple printers at the checkout and in the kitchen.

No direct link with the checkout software is provided.

The app integrates the offline mode that allows the use of the tablet even when there is a problem with the internet.

All of the menu data is stored on each tablet.

To have the "lock" option and to limit the usage of the device, we would recommend buying the MenuTouch tablets that are made for this. With our tablets, customers cannot go on the internet, change the settings or even turn the tablets off without having a password. Above this, the devices are tracked if ever they are lost.

The other devices on the market do not have these options.

The locking of the MenuTouch devices is a very dissuading element because customers who would like to leave with the device can only use it to present the menu.

Above this, all of our tablets are tracked and we can communicate remotely with the holder.

Yes, we provide a few code lines to insert on your site to display your menu in multiple languages (iframe). Your customers can also view your menu from their smartphones via QR-Code.

For outdoor screen, you get free access from a connected screen whether touchscreen or not.

Yes the app allows the display of your sponsors’ advertisements as texts, photos or videos. You can also add dynamic content (example: the website of your sponsor).

You are totally autonomous to manage the financial agreements with your sponsors.

Yes the graphic charter is fully customizable: logo, home page, background, colour and font.

Graphic customization is free and provided by the hotline.

It is possible to display different prices depending on the times you define (midday and evening, week and weekend).

In addition to the 12 languages already integrated, you can add the language of your choice for free: Thai, Portuguese, Catalan, Greek ...

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