The features of Menu Touch

Customer support in their choice

The presentation of each dish is supplemented with photos, details and wine pairing suggestions.
Your dishes’ photos will be shot by our specialized photographers.

Multilingual translation

Translation of your menus will be taken care of by us (up to 8 languages). This will allow your foreign clients to understand and to visualize the ingredients of the various dishes.

Simplified and free updates

We supply with the dynamic menus a software that allows you in a few clicks to modify free of charge your menus.
No computer knowledge required.

Communication on news and events

You have an additional channel to communicate with your clients and to promote events that occur in your establishment or close to it.

Direct order taking (optional)

Direct order taking via the tablet is optional; it can possibly be activated by the establishment. The objective is not to replace the waiter but to improve the client service.

Measure your clients’ satisfaction

Thanks to its grading system and the collected comments, Menu Touch supplies an analysis of your clients’ opinions.